Saturday, February 18, 2017

Re-purposing Found Items for Jewelry Making

I'm constantly finding items that are broken and forgotten, or boring items that could be converted into something really special! Here are 2 examples of designs I worked on this week.

I found this AWESOME Abalone spider that was once a brooch, but had a broken pin.
What a shame to let this symbolic spider go to waste! I also had some truly ugly, oversized connectors, that I had no use for, until..............

I spent an entire day going through Turquoise and Coral cabochons to find the perfect fit.......

You can do this with a little bit of imagination! In a few simple steps, you will soon have a pendant.
Notice the broken pin catches on the back of the spider. On the above connector, there is a metal piece that has to go! Using a pair of edge cutters, carefully cut the unwanted piece at the solder.
There will be rough edges, that need to be removed. Using metal files, remove the edges until they are smooth.

Notice the spider does not have a bail. No problem! Using E6000 glue, attach a bail and hold it in place for 24 hours.
That's it! You have created really cool and unique pieces to use in your jewelry. Happy Hunting!

See the finished design!