Friday, March 16, 2012

Nevada Turquoise Mines, D-N

Nevada Turquoise Mines (D-N):
*Note that many mines are closed, meaning once the stone supply is exhausted, they will no longer be available. Stones may still be available from a particular mine, making them highly collectible.* Watch for Turquoise produced from the NEW  Lucky Peak mine, located in Crescent Valley. More info as it becomes available!!  

Damele & Damaile 
Darling Darlene
(closed mine, very rare)

Dry Creek 

Easter Blue 

Emerald Valley 


Gilbert Mine 


Gold Acres
(possibly closed)

Halley's Comet 

Harcross Mine 

Hidden Treasure 

Indian Blue 

Indian Mountain 

(closed mine)

Lander Blue
(closed mine)
This is the rarest and most valuable form of Turquoise known

Last Chance
(closed mine)
Leaning Shack 

Lone Mountain 

Frog Skin 

(closed mine)

Miss Moffet 

Monte Cristo 


New Lander 

Nevada Blue / Nevada Persian Blue 

No. 8
(closed mine)

Northern Lights 
(closed mine)

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