Friday, March 16, 2012

Nevada Turquoise Mines, A-C

Nevada Turquoise Mines (A-C):

*Note that many mines are closed, meaning once the stone supply is exhausted, they will no longer be available. Stones may still be available from a particular mine, making them highly collectible.* Watch for Turquoise produced from the NEW Broken Bow mine, located near the White Creek mine. More info as it becomes available!!


(closed mine)

Blue Boy Variquoise 

Blue Creek 

Blue Diamond(closed mine)
Blue Eagle
(closed mine)

Blue Gem
(closed mine, rare)

Blue Ice

Blue Jay

Blue Medicine
(very rare)

Blue Moon 
Blue Thunder
(closed mine, rare)

Blue Warrior 

Blue Wind

Broken Arrow 

Carico Lake 

(closed mine)

Colorback Mines I & II

Cortez Mine

Cyprus Sierrita

Crow Springs 


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