Sunday, January 22, 2012

What Inspires You To Create?

My creativity seems to come in spurts. I have days where I struggle to come up with fresh ideas, and I have learned the hard way that creativity is something that can't be forced, those designs usually end up in the "what was I thinking?" pile, only to be dismantled and recreated. When my imagination seems to be on vacation, I try a variety of "easy fixes" like cleaning house (yes, this actually works for me!) or straightening my work area. I keep several beading boards handy when putting away stray leftover beads, because I have found that when I am sorting through my "stash" of supplies, ideas will come to me faster than I can create them.

A trip to my local bead store is always a quick cure. It amazes me that each time I visit the store, something different catches my eye. The beads may have been there all along, but I didn't notice them until this trip. Very rarely do I leave the store without fresh ideas and new color combinations.

The designs I love the most come from ideas sketched on a pad that I carry with me on outings. Trips to the mountains, beautiful sunsets, a painting that intrigues me, produce the most unique jewelry designs. The end product gives me the most satisfaction because it's filled with memories.

I was intrigued by the mystery of inspiration, and curious about how other jewelry designers use their imagination in their pieces. I researched artisans from the Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers Guild on ArtFire and found a variety of gorgeous handmade designs. What inspired each piece may surprise you.

"Entrapted" by  NatureandZen . This One-Of-A-Kind design was inspired by emotion. "We all feel different sometimes. We all feel trapped in a tower of blandness. We all feel like the red flower among the silver."
An Original Art Pendant Necklace  - Entrapted - One of a Kind
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"Eleanors Moonbow Ringlet" by TheasCherryBlossomBoutique inspired by a moonlit waterfall. "Nature's moonbow is what I thought of, and at night many of the colors you see when looking at a waterfall's moonbow are in shades of blue & teal."Eleanors Moonbow Ringlet
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Pearl Cluster Earrings by PrettyGonzo inspired by a party! As soon as I read the inspiration behind this design, I could picture it in my mind.
Pearl Cluster Earrings with Pink Crystals and Blue Beads
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Red Poppy Necklace by ShadowDogDesigns inspired by a field of Red
Poppies. "I love poppies of all colors, but especially red ones."Red Poppy Pendant Coral Black Lava Handmade One of a Kind Necklace
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Blue Caterpillar bracelet by SagesCupboard inspired by nature, and of all things, a caterpillar! "Nature is always a wonderful muse, and there’s nothing quite like the colors and shapes of insects to inspire a design. This bracelet has a quirky appeal that goes well with both natural and bold colors."Blue Caterpillar Bracelet. Black Fringed and Cream Beadwork Bangle
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Boho style Turquoise necklace by epicetera inspired by a visit to the market. "I recently visited a market in Santa Fe New Mexico. I was captivated by the colors. From clay pottery to leather belts with turquoise buckles, the colors inspired me to create this piece."Rustic Southwest Nevada Turquoise Beaded Necklace, Santa Fe
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While writing this article, NatureandZen's spectacular necklace, "Entrapted" inspired me to create a collection. I was drawn to the colors, but the exquisite design tells a story. When I viewed the piece, I envisioned an artist, alone....trapped within the walls of her imagination, until a vision appears in the form of glorious blooms of creativity.
To view the collection inspired by these talented artists, click here.

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