Sunday, December 4, 2011

This new site is really SUPA!!!!

When I first heard about this new site offering FREE early bird boutiques, I jumped on it! (Offer is still available as of this post, so HURRY!!)

In setting up my boutique, here's what I found to be so wonderful:

Etsy listing import tool
Wide variety of page templates
Share buttons on listings
Overall "classy" look of the site
Ability to place your items in various collections that you choose and set up
Fabulous customer service

(I'm sure there's more, and I'll update you further as I continue to set up my boutique)

It's definitely worth checking out!!  Click  HERE for more info on setting up your own Supadupa Boutique.


  1. Your shop looks fabulous, Pam! Signed up for one and can't wait to find the time to start playing with it. Your's is an inspiration!

  2. I signed up for 2! I already brought over my Maur Designs, and reset my .com to point to it. It has been exciting to set up, and now I'm motivated in getting more products listed. Good Luck to all of us, and Good Luck to SupaDupa!

  3. Your boutique looks fantastic! :) Best of luck with it!