Tuesday, September 20, 2011

epicetera ~ A New Brand of Handmade Jewelry

Now that I've branded myself, I suddenly realized I have not formerly introduced myself or my brand. What is epicetera jewelry?

epicetera is located in the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico. All jewelry is designed and created by me, Pamela Stultz. 
I am a single mother with 3 sons, the youngest is 17. My youngest son knows me well and named my studio. Pronounced e-peace-e-tera, it stands for "epic and etcetera". I'm a free-spirit from the 60's and 70's eras, and my individuality is reflected in my designs. 

Wen- Chunky Blue Lace Agate Focal Necklace with Floral Lampwork Beads
Free Sprit Lace Agate Necklace
I like to use unusual stones and beads for those who "dare to be different." My jewelry designs are meant to invoke conversation, feeling, and most importantly...the free spirit in all of us!
I enjoy Rockhounding (searching for gemstones in remote places) and I have learned a true appreciation for the natural beauty of these stones. A lot of my designs use gemstones in their natural form.
My passion is making jewelry. I believe jewelry should make a statement. It should be bold, sometimes funky, and fun to wear. Jewelry should be that item that glorifies even an old pair of faded jeans, and is able to invoke mood in the wearer. Jewelry should be able to tell a story about the wearer, without them having to say a word.
I create because I love to create. I started 30 years ago when I sold handmade designs to a boutique in Michigan. I was thrilled when Disney Productions bought some of my items to use in the movie "Tiger Town". My taste has changed over the years, but my desire to design and create has not.
I like colors from neutrals to brights. I love being outdoors...at the beach, in a forest, on a mountain, in the desert, or just walking in the rain. My favorite artists are usually chosen by color selection with a hint of mystery. I am always looking for unusual, unique beads and gemstones, and colors that appeal to me "at the moment." Certain colors will appeal to me at different times, depending on my mood.
Almost all of my designs are One of a Kind, or OOAK. My jewelry designs will come to mind in my sleep, when I'm out enjoying nature, or when I'm working on another piece. My beadboard is my palette. The beads and gemstones are the splashes of color that come together as a work of art.
My jewelry designs are placed in different collections, depending on what inspired them, or the statement they are intended to make.
Tivona~ An earthy collection, inspired by nature. Everyday designs for the woman who loves the outdoors.

Large Serpentine Jade Focal Fan Artisan Beaded Necklace
Serpentine Jade Necklace from my "Tivona" Collection. Visions of doves gathered  on a moss covered branch.
Gallery~ Inspired by my love of art. If I were walking through a gallery, I would be drawn to certain pieces of art by color and texture. A variety of designs for the woman who loves color.
Chunky Green Turquoise Necklace with Lampwork, Swarovski Pearls
Mint Green Turquoise and Copper Necklace From my "Gallery" Collection. Love the color!
Nativas~ My interpretation of the Southwest style, with a modern twist.

Chunky Stretch Cuff Bracelet Red Coral and Turquoise Magnesite
Chunky Red Coral Stretch Cuff Bracelet From my "Nativas" Collection.
Daring~ Inspired by my free spirited inner flower child. Bold, sassy designs for the uninhibited woman.
Striped Calsilica Jasper Focal Fan Necklace in Turquoise and Brown
"Bloo-Zoo-Loo" Calsilica Necklace from my "Daring" Collection.
Enchanted~ Inspired by the imaginary places or things I see. Mystical designs that allow a woman to live out her fantasies.

Lapis Lazuli Collar Gold Filled Necklace with Large Fan Focal
"Arabian Nights" Royal Lapis Lazuli Necklace from my "Enchanted" Collection.
(Inspired by my memories as an Arabian Princess)  
Bliss~ Inspired by my feminine side. Designs for everyday elegance. Shimmering, sparkling designs for a special event or an evening of romance.
Pink Mabe Freshwater Pearl Bracelet Sterling Silver Austrian Crystal
Pink Mabe Freshwater Pearl Bracelet from my "Bliss" Collection.
Rewind~ Inspired by times gone by, retro-vintage that can be worn with today's fashions.
Triple Strand Pearl Necklace Retro Vintage Style Crystal Cabachon
Triple Strand Pearl Retro Vintage Style Necklace from my "Rewind" Collection.

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