Saturday, December 18, 2010

What Makes Blue Gem Turquoise So Special?

Nevada Blue Gem Turquoise

Located in Mineral County, Nevada, Lookout Mountain is the newest Blue Gem Mine. It produces some really awesome stones that look just like the old Battle Mountain Blue Gem Turquoise. It comes in a light blue to a deep blue, with a rare green tone stone. It seems to be mostly matrix free rock once the veins of turquoise are tumbled. When matrix is present it has a light yellow/gold or white webbing. It contains an occasional trace amount of pyrite. This turquoise makes some wonderful classic and contemporary style turquoise jewelry.

Tonopah Blue Gem Turquoise

The Royal Blue Turquoise Mine was owned and operated for number of years by the Tiffany Company. The Royal Blue claims produced some of the most beautiful turquoise to ever hit the market. Tiffany was mainly after the blue turquoise that the Royal Blue Turquoise Mine Produced. At one time Tiffany Company produced tons of Blue Turquoise Jewelry with high grade American Turquoise. The plain blue, the blue with golden yellow//brown web, and water web stones were the most desirable at that time. Royston is now known for its beautiful colors ranging from deep green to rich, light blues set off by a heavy brown matrix. The Royston district is still producing turquoise of high quality. Tonopah Blue Gem Turquoise is quite different then Battle Mountain Blue Gem. It has a lot of green tones from a lime green to an emerald green that runs into beautiful rich blues. Much of the Tonopah Blue Gem runs in thin seams, the minerals in this seam material has often been highly condensed which makes the turquoise rich and bold in colors. This is one the best selling stones for turquoise jewelry.

Historic Battle Mountain Blue Gem Turquoise

 Battle Mountain Blue Gem Turquoise is still some of the finest turquoise ever found, and unlike most turquoise mines, (in which the majority mined is chalky and only usable if stabilized) most of the turquoise found there was of gem-quality. There is a distinctive aqua color that some people associate with Blue Gem turquoise, although it produced a great variety of colors, especially when intense blue was combined with deep green in one stone. While the Blue Gem Turquoise mine was very prolific at one time, today it is considered extremely rare, valuable and collectible turquoise.  The Battle Mountain Blue Gem Turquoise has been said by many gemologists and Turquoise experts to be the "Perfect Blue Turquoise Color".  Battle Mountain Blue Gem is highly unusual as it almost looks like an Arizona Turquoise but it is from Northern Nevada. However, connoisseurs of Turquoise can pick Battle Mountain Turquoise right out. There are a few keys to detecting Battle Mountain Blue Gem; one is the golden matrix with the very special blue tones it holds.   Battle Mountain Blue Gem is generally a very beautiful sky blue and it is true blue with very little green tones. Another key to determining if turquoise is Battle Mountain Blue Gem is the almost "gel" quality and hardness of the Turquoise. It is so rich and glassy it is almost unbelievable.
There's just something about Blue Gem Turquoise. It is a treasure: a rare, valuable and historic American turquoise. This turquoise is hard and won't change color, takes a high polish and will be beautiful many years from now. The character and beauty of these stones are unique and some of the most beautiful turquoise ever mined.

Some of my Blue Gem jewelry designs:

Blue Gem Necklace by epicetera on ArtFire

Blue Gem Necklace by epicetera on ArtFire

Blue Gem Necklace by epicetera on ArtFire

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hot Jewelry Trends For 2011

What's hot for 2011? Here's a glimpse:

Opulant Faux Gemstones

Have no fear, if you can't afford the real thing, faux gemstones are hot for 2011.
Whether they are faux gemstones or the real thing, transparent opulence is the hottest jewelry trend this year. Resin and acrylic faux gemstones look gorgeous and appear startlingly authentic. Big singular baubles or a cluster of faux gemstones in an opulent hue are both eye catching and dramatic.

Edgy Motif Jewelry

This type of trendy jewelry is gaining in popularity. Celebrities in particular appear to be indulging in motif jewelry, specifically snakes, flowers and birds, etc. There are no rules when it comes to motif inspired jewelry pieces, and one can wear this type of jewelry with different fashions, trends, and different styles.

Textured Jewelry Designs

Textured jewelry designs can really increase the interest of any particular style and create a unique and polished look. Collar necklaces, link bracelets and chandelier earrings are the hottest textured jewelry trends for 2011.

Colors for Spring

The colors for Spring 2011 are shown in the chart below and include (from left to right)
Honeysuckle, Russet, Beeswax, Coral Rose, Silver Peony, Peapod, Blue Curacao, Lavendar, Regatta and Silver Cloud

Spring 2011 Pantone Colors

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

About epicetera

My name is Pamela, epicetera is the name of my studio where I love to design jewelry. I am inspired by many things, so my styles vary.

My 16 year old son named my stands for "epic, etc.", which may not necessarily reflect jewelry in the title, but it DOES reflect the way I am inspired. My motto is "Imagine beyond the ordinary, dream of things unspecified.......and everything in between." My designs are inspired by people, places and things in my life, whether real or imaginary.